How to build:
Strength/Vitality build. 3 points of Strength and 1 point of Vitality from levels 1-50, 5 points of Strength and 1 point of Vitality from level 51-70, 7 points of Strength and 1 point of Vitality from level 71-99.

Not recommended for those who cannot use itemmall and for players with small wallets. Unlike my Glass Cannon STR Sage, this build is a lot better powerhouse in PvE but isn't as good in R4 and R5. However, it also costs a bit more because of the critical weapons and mandatory 2nd weapon set for end game and PvP. This build is an improved version of the typical Savage which most uses 3/1, 4/2, 6/2 builds. This build deals powerful critical attacks and increased PvP capabilities. Above average gear is a must, preferably Enchanted Armor and Ancient Weapon. You will also require deleving items by 17 levels (14 delevels then 3 to bypass the 15 delevel cap) and a change of Dual Swords every 10-15 levels. I will be providing tons of information on this guide, including training places, gear, and skill set ups.

P.S. I tried resetting my Savage's stats to a Glass Cannon (Full STR), but it just didn't work out. Vitality is really needed for them to survive. -.-

Why Savages?
1.) 3 main reasons: Unparalleled AoE Capability, Critical Damages with added imbue effects during AoE attacks, and High Health Pool.

2.) PvE Capabilities: Obliterate mobs with 50-50 shot of AoEing from Rampage Force. Add the Totem, Gail's Cry to even further your destructuve power. You can easily heal HP AND MP with each attack because your Dual Sword has leech option on it. (Teardrops of Edoneh = 1%-3% HP and MP leech added) Arguably you're a better AoEr than a Dragon Sage and a Wizard, because your AoE attacks are at the most consistent level. You can also solo play (not as good as the other two) if you can't find yourself fitting in any parties.

3.) Dealing damages in PvP: Buff Rage, Brute Force, Ferocious, and Blood Adrenaline--> Shoulder Charge--> Attack target--> Desperate Assault--> Lunge and Attack target--> Barbaric Cry--> Power Surge and Attack target. Quite a long combo, and isn't that impressive if you don't critical. However, if you put down the attack speed totem, this combo is deadlier than it looks.

4.) The 3 Totem skills on the right side of your Savage skill tree are at your arsenal. Fortunate protects you from stuns and roots which almost any attacking class needs in order to kill you. Ferocious almost makes any critical damage dealing classes futile against you, especially if you have a secondary damage drop weapon.

5.) No doubt one of the best AoE classes out there, and some may argue it is the 1st best. You can 3-5 hit mobs and can even kill 9 at a time. :shock: You should have no problems finding parties as well.

1.) No protection buff other than Battle Chant, Ferocious, and Brutality. You're no better than a walking glass cannon. If you want to survive by yourself on end game PvE, having a 2nd weapon with Damage Drop is M-A-N-D-A-T-O-R-Y!

2.) You have the worst magic defense in the game. You have no place in most of R5 rooms if you don't have a Mage class or a Priest with you. Good luck getting to the R5 red room and surviving if you decide to solo during end game PvE.

3.) You lack spike damage combos like a Berserker in PvP. Your damage source are critical damages and we all know those are unreliable sometimes.

4.) Your melee force isn't as impressive as a Guardian or a Dekan.

5.) With just self buffs, you are a weak character. You will need buffs from other classes almost all the time to be a very consistent damage dealer.

Pet Preferences:
1.) Power Tiger = Critical chance and critical damage reduction pet. Level 3 gives you an extra 3% critical chance and 15% critical damage reduction. No doubt the best pet to have for this build since you are a build that relies in criticals to kill targets fast.

2.) Molly = Auto heal/negate damage Pet. Level 3 Molly heals 9k HP/MP and negates (blocks?) 15% of all incoming damage. Excellent for back up emergency heals and makes soloing so much easier.

3.) Honey Bear = HP boost pet. Level 3 gives you a 30% HP boost. Useful for almost any type of build, however it is very beneficial with a Savage because they have a self Vit buff and a self HP buff that has a level multiplier.

4.) Speedy Hawk = Attack speed pet. Level 3, gives you an extra 15% attack speed. Since Gail's Cry is your only attack speed buff, having this pet won't hurt.

5.) Soft Kahto = Mobility Pet. Level 3 gives you an extra 30% mobility. We all know Kahto rules especially in pursuing runners in PvP. It stacks with Ferocious.

List of skills you need to upgrade as soon as possible:
1.) Rampage Force = If you plan to enhance this skill, it must be at level 7, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Why? Level 7 is 60% chance to AoE as oppose to 50% from level 6. That's 3/5 chance to AoE! Increasing your chance to AoE improves your leveling speed and parties will love you for it. Trust me.

2.) Rage = The higher skill level you have for this skill, the better your critical damage becomes. Get this enhanced along with Rampage Force and Brute Force and you should be set. The rest after that are preferable but not recommended.

3.) Brute Force = One or two percent more chance of critical won't hurt. Get this skill enhanced when you get the chance. A Savage can achieve a total of 29% critical chance, 5% from base, 7% from Level 7 Brute Force, 12% from weapon, 3% from Level 3 Power Tiger, 2% from guild buff.

4.) Battle Chant = There's a 5 times multiplier difference for each skill level. Having high HP means better survivability and better tanking ability. It's good to enhance but not a must.

5.) Dual Sword Mastery = The difference between level 6 and 7 for this skill is 10% dual sword damage boost! Get this skill enhanced to 6, but 7 would be a lot better.

Skill Tree by the time you reach 99 (all 98 skill points used):
Warrior Skill Tree:

Darkness 5
Taunt 1
Blood Adrenaline 5
Battle Chant 5
Reap 1
Crush 1
Find Hole 5
Rage 5
Power Surge 5
Life Force 1
Shoulder Charge 5
Brute Force 5
Giant Shift 5

Skill points used: 49

Savage Skill Tree:
Dual Sword Mastery 5
Taunt Challenge 1
Rampage Force 5
Ferocious 5
Fortunate 1
Desperate Assault 5
Barbaric Cry 5
Extraction 1
Brutality 5
Lunge 5
Gail's Wash 5
Gail's Bless 1
Gail's Cry 5

Skill Points used: 49

Do I get a thumbs up? xD

No wasted skill points. Every skill will be used in general PvE, general PvP, or both. Extraction is not maxed because you'll only use it to collect organs for Lunge and has no other common use.

Crush isn't maxed also because you'll only use it for opening chests during solo runs and this skill has fast cooldown anyway. So no point in maxing it. Life Force is garbage in mid and end game PvE and flat out useless in PvP so we leave that at 1. You can try learning Storming Cross, but Power Surge does the job as your single target attack skill... It also has faster cooldown than it, doesn't require a brain organ, and can hit multiple targets!

Don't max Blood Adrenaline before you become Savage. You won't see its real effects till 7x or 8x. However, if you are such an extravagant player, feel free to add points at it early. Believe it or not, I found Find Hole very useful at end game PvP. Since Agi Dhans will be hell of a lot evasive once they start getting their 3x-4x agi accessories or boss drops, you'll need that extra accuracy to land almost 95% of your attacks on them. It never hurts on mid levels as well, once you get Wings. It also helps your other party members who can't afford Wings of Solemn Death or other boss drops because you can cast it on others, unlike Aimed Blow!

The only totems worth maxing is Gail's Cry and Gail's Wash. Since you can't cast multiple totems unless you level 7 skill enhance them, the attack speed one will be a more helpful one, both in PvE and PvP. Always remember you need a Totem Pole in order to use totem skills. Make sure you have about 10-20 of them in your inventory.

Shoulder Charge, Desperate Assault and Barbaric Cry are PvP skills, so raise them later if you don't plan on stepping in PvP grounds yet.

Yeah, yeah Giant Shift is not recommended and impressive, but I think it's an alright skill. It really helped me when I was leveling in R3 and Altar of Roha. That stat reduction lowers the mobs' Vitality and Intelligence, lowering their maximum HP and making them weaker from your attacks and attacks from a Wizard or Warlock. If it crits, it's even better than your normal attack critical. I wish it was working correctly in PvP... Since it's lowering base stats, the buff increments will also be considered, so, if you attack an Str Guardian with level 7 Almighty and level 7 Crazy Strength and you hit them with Giant Shift level 7, you don't lower their stats by 35, but more!

Training Spots and Leveling: This was how I did it up until level 81 and the rest are my plans till level 99. It might be different for you depending on what items and stuff you got. I had 2 Dark Soulpiece Rings (20 STR, 20 DEX, 20 VIT) and 2 Crests of Stratus (20 STR, 20 VIT, 30 Melee Force, 30 Accuracy) when I reached 65 and +61 STR from my Earrings and Glasses. I had Bamboo Dress (20 to all stats) and General Talisman (10 to all stats). You'll find this a little similar to my Glass Cannon Str Sage guide since I have a certain leveling techniques for Str builds. Heheheh. :D


Level 1-8: Grinding at Tutorial Area. Finish this to get a free Novice Talisman that raises EXP by 20%!

Level 8-17: Do some quests in the Giant Town town and other friendly towns. Start working on your first Ancient/Unique 2h Sword (Rhett Travarre Blade/Red Dragon's Breath respectively) and put a Teardrop of Edoneh (1-3% HP and MP leech) and 3 water bottles of Marea option on it. You can survive just using Worn out bottles since your weapon isn't a big deal yet and they are much cheaper.

Level 17-33: Forge a Full Enchanted Froianne set with damage reflect options (Protection of Roha). This is much better to do during Fridays when the refining/forge events start so you won't fail too much. Head to Akhma cave because it's the best place to level up until level 30s. Look for a party and level there.

At level 17 you can solo Warrior Ursa room or Bloodsouls without breaking a sweat. At level 25 you should be at Mummies or Leatherheads grinding your butt off to level 30. Once you reached that level, you can take on stuff at Soul Bringers room or solo Mummies room no problem. Do this until level 33.

Level 33-45: Head to Rahkon Floor 1 (R1. Buy a Limestone Foothill portal stone and go on the top of a hill, you should see the entrance to it) now and upgrade your 2h Sword. Rhett Travarre Blade/Red Dragon's Breath won't help you like they used to. Upgrade to the next Ancient 2h Sword, Natuh's Spirit or Death Shoulder Sword (level 43 rare 2h Sword). Start finding and buying 2h swords with melee% mods and add damage drop options on these 2h Swords if you can. You'll find the transition from Akhma Cave to R1 to be rather difficult. This is when mobs start to pound you at 3 digits. Find a party or you can start soloing. You can survive soloing here but it's much faster EXP if you can party.

Level 45-55: Altar of Roha. You should have Full Enchanted Pluion set with critical drop or minimum damage drop by now. The mobs will start hurting a bit compared to the earlier ones, so make sure you are well prepared for armor. By level 48, you should have the 3rd ancient/unique 2h Sword (Red Earth's Roar or Red Amber Edge respectively) with melee % options on them. Add Teardrop of Edoneh and 3 water bottle of marea options. Upgrading them to improved water bottles of marea at the Alchemist or buying the Adorned ones at Itemmall would be a better choice, since you will start making use of the Savage skill Rampage Force and having a high critical rate would hasten your killing speed. There are plenty of nice spots in Altar of Roha, but you can definitely make training faster if you have a Ranger or a Scout with you.

Level 55-68: A better training ground with more mobs and higher level mob than Altar of Roha, Spire of Redemption. Your equipment should still be fine so don't worry about it, however, you should be making some effort in refining the early pieces of your Enchanted Edwin. You should have much more decent accessories by the time you hit this level (R2-R3-R4 boss drops preferably Wings of Solemn Death at least). When you hit level 62, go buy an Enraged Netherworld portal stone and grab some repeatable quests from the NPCs near the bindstone. This will allow you to get around 1% per quest finish and more than 30k worth of crone.

Level 68-75: Rahkon Floor 3 (R3). Spire of Redemption might still work for you but the EXP won't be as good compared to R3. The repeatable quests still give quite a nice EXP amount though. To get to this place, you will need a Wizard or a Warlock with Level 4 Warp or higher. By this time you should have about 4 pieces of Edwin by now (Enchanted Armor of Edwin at 69). At level 68, you should have the 4th ancient/unique 2h sword, Force of Chance or Red Eagle Blade respectively with 40% Melee or higher and at least 9% (12% is best) critical chance and 1% leech for both HP and MP. Some Strength, Dexterity and Vitality stats on it won't hurt.

There are plenty of rooms to train in here, but I have to say the Muracco (dogs), Salamanders, Orc Viceroys, and the Angels room are probably the best places to grind at. You can go here without a party and solo as long as your Physical Defense is greater than 2k. (damage done by mobs is capped to minimum at around 2k Physical Defense) You should have Full Enchanted Edwin Set by the time you reach level 69.

Level 75-82: New Map J-4, Calamander Tower area in Shielynth or Rahkon Floor 4 (R4) Solo. The new maps after the giant release are such awesome places to level at 7x-8x. You should pay it a visit some time if you haven't. You should be creating your Enchanted Bedron pieces by the time you hit 8x. It is also time for a 2h Sword upgrade if you haven't done so. This is where I am currently at. I'm able to solo and survive Calamander Tower by equipping damage drop gear but my killing speed is horrible without the crit % 2h sword. You really need a party if you want EXP fast.

Level 82-90: Rima map. There's a nice spot just near the binding stone with several physical damage mobs, Earth and Venom Djinns. If you try to proceed further, you can, but just beware of the Lightning Djinn though; he's magic. You can solo here by yourself. without any problems. You should have Full Enchanted Bedron Set when you're done training in this area.

Level 90-99: Rahkon Floor 5. By this time you should have the final ancient 2h Sword (Shoulder Force Blade) with 52% melee or higher. You should have a 2nd version of this sword with Damage drop instead of crit % and leech for PvP. You should also have equipped a Full Enchanted Bedron set with HP. You CANNOT survive most parts in this room by yourself except the red room and a couple other spots on the south and getting there is quite a pain (You will need Ferocious and a level 2 or 3 Kahto to run away from mobs). You're going to need a party with a Priest and a Wizard for most of your stay here. You will also notice your leech isn't working... It is normal, so you may have to resort to full critical % sword as your final 2h ancient sword (15% is the best). Your attacks should be hitting over the 7k mark on the average and 10k at their finest, when you crit. Good luck getting to level 99.

credit: MidnightStar

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